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LED lighting ‘creativity’ will save cattle, farmers from road accidents

LED lighting ‘creativity’ will save cattle, farmers from road accidents

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 28, 2016: Last few years have seen a surge in road accidents during night time leading to cattle loss. According to an official study, more than 100 farmers in India lose cattle and crops every year. In finding a resolution to the problem, a company named Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd (DFPCL) launched an initiative named Lighting up Farmers’ Lives.

This is intended to light bullock carts with battery-operated LED strips and make the carts visible from a distance during night. The Senior VP of Agri Business, DFPCL, was quoted as saying, “farmers in Maharashtra state have been vulnerable to various natural and man-made calamities. This step is an attempt to resolve the situation which has huge social and financial impact. We need support from corporate houses to take up such initiatives.

UP and Maharashtra are the highest sugarcane producing state in India and most farmers use bullock carts to transport their produce after sunset. This situation makes cattle carts vulnerable to accidents due to speeding trucks and cars.

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Xebec Communication, a creative agency is working closely with DFPCL, launched the pilot project for the initiative in Daund taluka near Pune. Almost 10-12 bullock carts have been fitted with these LED strips and authorities have welcomed the move.

The first step is to collate feedback and information from the pilot market. Once the basic data is collected, the next step involves customizing the approach. Currently, the focus is on western cities of Maharashtra as they are the main sugarcane producing districts.

LED lighting ‘creativity’ will save cattle, farmers from road accidents

There were many reports of how a single life to an accident dents the entire family. Taking this as an initiative, various agencies came up with solutions before the company finalised the current process.

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The process is extremely simple, cost-effective and helpful in addressing the challenge of poor lighting on highways and roads. The approximate cost for lighting up one bullock cart was, at least, Rs 2,000 and one such installation is sufficient to last for eight to nine months. DFPCL will bear the cost of installation is completely for the project.

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