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LED lighting extends shelf value of fresh food

LED lighting extends shelf value of fresh food

By BizLED Bureau

October 23, 2015: Research has shown that LED lights can increase shelf value of fresh food like meat, and save the retail fresh food industry millions of dollars every year by saving energy. Studies have found that by using LED lights in the refrigeration units retailers selling meat and other fresh food can save electricity as well as enhance the shelf life of meat and meat products.

LED lights in meat display cases in shops can save money by reducing the operation costs of the display cases. Light impacts oxidation of fat in meat and causes rancidity, which in turn, can change the taste of food.

During display in the refrigerated unit under conventional light, the color of fresh meat gets changed due to its natural chemistry and exposure to oxygen. Customers refuse to buy meat that is discolored. Hence, it becomes huge loss for the meat retailers, and costs the meat industry a billion dollars every year.

Researchers found that LED lights are the perfect choice in solving all these problems. Moreover, LED lights help to cut down operating costs and extend shelf life of most of the meat products. LED lights have colder internal product temperatures, which help increase product shelf life.

Philips offers LED lighting solutions for fresh food

Philips offers fresh food LED lighting for supermarkets. According to the company, LED light spectrums when optimized can increase freshness of the food on display in the supermarket. LED lights also help to reduce light induced discoloration of foods.

By optimizing light spectrum, Philips created an the effect as the filters used by retailers. Philips LED technology called Light Recipe can bring out the colors of food and enhance the freshness of the display. Its LED lighting enables retailers to save time and money.

LED lighting enables to bring out the characteristic colors of individual products and enables higher level of color saturation. In a survey it was found that sales volume of fruits and vegetables in a departmental store rose by 4.7% under Light Recipes indicating that consumers demand fresh appearance of food.

Philips also offers new LED Rose lighting solution which slows down discoloration process with an optimized light spectrum. This lighting extended the shelf life of sliced meats by up to 30%.

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