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LED is lighting up fashion trends

LED is lighting up fashion trends

By BizLED Bureau

September 21, 2015: LED is lighting up fashion trends. Fashion designers are combining textiles and fabric with LED lights and making LED a part of fashion trends. Here are some of the innovative ones:

LED skirts and blazers

At New York Fashion Week, audience were treated to a different kind of fashion that merges with technology, with ready-to-wear LED light-up skirts, blazers and evening dresses by CuteCircuit catching the eyeing.

Two British designs who were behind the wearable tech company, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, have been working on the technology controlled by smartphones for over 10 years, but the challenging part was the ?wearable? part, that can be integrated into clothes that people can actually wear.

It?s amazing that the garments with LED lights feel like normal garments. The garments are connected to a smartphone on a free app via Bluetooth. From there, the user has control of their garment and can alter the colour or pattern. Here the brain of the garments is Bluetooth and it has a very powerful chip on top that is like a computer. When your phone connects to the garment, you have an interface that allows you to change the pattern or LED colour. The collection includes mini skirt, light up handbag, blazer and evening gown.

CuteCircuit?s design duo is hoping their creations will take over the market within the next few weeks, now that the public knows their wearable technology is possible.

LED pilot suit

LED is lighting up fashion trendsCuteCircuit has also designed a pilot suit with an advanced micro technology in a next generation design for Mercedes. Mercedes commissioned the pilot suit for its UK advertising campaign, reproducing high definition light animations at high speed. The drivers wanted to look as if they were moving at high speed, even if they may not want to do so. The suit was worn by a pilot for a UK TV advertisement for the new Mercedes-Benz car engine.

The pilot suit lights up and produces animations in high definition at very high speed frame rate. Through a series of lighted White Magic panels that feature 16000 white pixels, neatly embroidered onto the suit, it lights up to reflect the emotions of the pilot.

LED sporty jacket

LED is lighting up fashion trendsSporty Supaheroe Jacket is also a hi-tech cycle jacket. It has an innovative part which is a electronic system that can be safely worn, which is integrated onto the jacket. Its lightning application highlights improved visibility and security in the dark when the jacket is worn. This electronic system includes LEDs, sensors, a switch to turn on/off and, of course a rechargeable battery. It is moisture resistant, shock proof and can be cleaned. With the help of sensors, the jacket reacts to body movements and change in directions of the wearer.

The system is very thin and is attached on the lining of the jacket that faces the outer layer. The function of the LED light of the jacket can be seen in translucid display areas at the front and back, and hence the light can be seen on the upper surface of the jacket.

LED stilettos

LED stilettos, which was a part of New York’s Light Collection by designer St Augustine was an eye-catcher. The LEDs underneath the stilettos highlighted its curves. There are two styles?the Pipes version and the Spotlight version, where LEDs are found along the bottom sole.

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