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LED lighting guide: Color LEDs can do wonders with wall washers & DMX technology

LED lighting guide: Color LEDs can do wonders with wall washers & DMX technology

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 1, 2016: Color changing LED lights are known to function well with wall washers and DMX color controlling technology. We will discuss these breakthrough technologies, their applications and usability in brief.

DMX technology

Digital Multiplex Signal (DMX), also known as DMX512, can be used to control up to 512 channels, which means 512 colors. For 1 RGB light, it would use three channels or colors. DMX has the ability to control up to 512 lighting channels simultaneously. With data rate of 250 kilobytes per second, DMX can handle scenarios where large number of RGB light points and dynamic high-speed color changes are required with excellent results. DMX is therefore the first-choice technology for challenging applications compared with conventional lighting control systems.

Entertainment places like clubs, parties find the most application for color changing LEDs. DMX technology and wall washers assist in washes of color against a wall or a stage.

LED lighting guide: Color LEDs can do wonders with wall washers & DMX technology

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LED wall washers

LED wall washers can light up a substantial amount of space. As their name suggests, they are powerful, compact, portable and have plug-and-play advantage. They offer high-powered lighting without the high heat and huge power consumption of orthodox lighting technology.  LED wall washer helps to de-emphasize textures while cleaning up unevenness on vertical surfaces and walls and give uniform indirect lighting that draws attention to a large area

They are now being used in variety of commercial lighting applications such as illuminating billboards, creating attractive booths at tradeshows, lighting interiors and exteriors of buildings.

How DMX technology works?

Colors of lights to timing and dimming are controlled by DMX technology. DMX controllers can imply custom-created patterns that are programmed using computer software along with full-color RGB wall washers.

DMX allows lighting designers and installers to install power where they want lights and perform an infinite amount of daisy chains creating what is known as a DMX universe.  DMX lighting simplifies large lighting installations by not having to have several complicated wire gauge calculations, dimmer switches and installations. DMX controllers are used to create custom light shows, or music shows.

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How wall washers works?

Wall washes can function without a DMX controller as well. Infact, washers operate as standalone fixtures can be controlled with pre-programmed color patterns and lighting effects, manually. You can use wall washers to highlight certain parts of your design. You can light interiors or exteriors of buildings with a full palette of colors or color patterns. There is no need for light variance as it is common for architectural accent lighting and other static lighting.

Where to use color LEDs with DMX?

Mood lighting works best with DMX lighting in places like clubs, restaurants and hotel. Wall washers are used to highlight a themed room or in the lobby for a grand entrance. Select a color as per the requirement, adjust the dimming and you can give the color, a whole new feel. Multiple dimmer switches are not required. You can change the whole feel of the room just by picking a location and plug it in.

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