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LED lighting guide: Five common LED lighting mistakes we make

LED lighting guide: Five common LED lighting mistakes we make

By BizLED Bureau

June 19, 2017: There is room for bright ideas to decorate your home with lighting design. With this, there is always a possibility of commonly committed mistakes that may keep your lighting from truly making your home shine.

It’s a very general trend for homeowners to revamp their lighting design just to feel like something is missing in the end. Here are five common lighting mistakes you may be making, if there appears to be a link missing in your home?s lighting design:

Lights cannot be controlled

It may sound very simple, but motion sensors, light dimmers, timers and automated systems all assist you stay in control of the lighting. When you?re not sure if the room is too dark or too bright, light dimmers help you test and easily solve the problem with the perfect middle ground. Moods and uses of rooms change, and so should your lighting. Having better control of your lights will help you save wisely on electricity bills.

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Light fixture is not always the right size

Another common mistake which we generally make in home lighting design is choosing the wrong size fixture. For example, when homeowners use bulky desk lamps in the living room or a small chandelier in the dining room, everything will not complete sense.

The best way is to measure the fixtures in showroom to avoid any irregularities. Though it is not easy to analyse the correct fixture size in showrooms because fixtures appear smaller in the larger space of the room. A professional from an experienced showroom will easily be able to assist you in ensuring you?re picking the right fixture for your space.

Wall paint colors do not match the fixture size

If you are trying a variety of lighting fixtures in a single room, but still can?t find the right light, the most likely reason can be the paint color on your wall. Slightly different hues in the lighting fixture and the color of paint can do different things even though the idea may seem distracting. Usually, lighter colors fare better with brighter and statement fixtures.

Excess of furniture in the room

While having too much furniture in a room seems style and panache but it has very little to do with lighting, is the common perception but it actually makes all the difference. The abundance and color of furniture can influence the brightness of a fixture by having few colons or items to diminish. More items mean more shadows and with fewer items and brighter collared furniture, the light will spread efficiently, illuminating the room.

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Not using power-saving bulbs

New LED light bulbs are slowly being adopted by homeowners, but these bulbs actually provide you with a better range of light. LEDs advantage is that they work-off a larger temperature scale, which allows homeowners to get the perfect color of light.

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