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LED lighting guide: Selecting the right T8 LEDs

LED lighting guide: Selecting the right T8 LEDs

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 21, 2016: The market if abuzz with latest innovations and exciting technologies that crowd the marketplace today and that offers a wide range of choice. To select the right fitting for the project is definitely a crucial factor. As the reference in context is LED tubelight, there are two main types which are ?direct replacement? and ?retrofit tubes?.

First, we will take on replacement LED tubes as they work with any instant start electronic ballast designed for T8 lamps. This means you can simply take out existing T8 fluorescent tube and replace it with the new LED tube. The installation takes couple of seconds. Another advantage is, these tubes take less power from the ballast making them favorable against fluorescent tubes. The whole process is easier as replacing the fluorescent lamp with LED tubes is just what we need to do.

Retrofit or AC direct LED tubes

Retrofitted LED tubes have their own driver built into the tube. They require rewiring and bypassing ballast prior to installation. These fittings are ideal for facility owners with older T12/T10/T8 lamps, lamps powered by magnetic ballasts, or new fixtures that don’t have drivers built in. These lamps are wonderful energy savers compared to the replaced lamps.

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Going deeper, there are two types of LED T8 tubes which can be single-ended tube and double-ended tube.

The single-ended LED tube functions with wiring to one side. For example, the single-ended aleddra LED T8 tube utilizes the existing wiring of the tombstones making it compatible with both shunted or non-shunted tombstones.

However, as the tube has an internal power driver, retrofitting work involves the following steps: firstly, bypassing the ballast and rewiring the sockets (or tombstones). The ballast needs to be bypassed in double ended LED as it has an internal power driver. However, there is no need to rewire the tombstones as it?s required in single-ended tube.

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Energy standards?

Currently, there is no ‘energy’ standard for LED tubes and any claim by vendor regarding standard approved LED, is not correct.

It is advisable to use lamps of voltage specific to your needs. Like, T8 LED tubes can be used for both 110V and 277V without affecting lumen output.

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