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LED lighting innovates with powerful and hands-free strip light


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Feb 1, 2016: Constant innovation in technology and products has led to continuous evolution of mankind. A group of professionals under a start-up banner, Zyntony, made a strap LED light called ‘Ra’, capable of churning big lumens and can be mounted in multiple ways. In simple words, it has a flexible steel strip with powerful LEDs.

LED lighting innovates with powerful and hands-free strip light

The LEDs in unison emit from a minimum of 50 to 800 lumens, which is enough for a fast single-track bike ride in darkest of night. The LEDs from Cree emit a warm light color that’s relatively close to daylight tone than many LEDs. The advantage is, it is easier on the eyes and provides good color rendering.

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To be attached to ferrous objects, the back of the strip is embedded with 10 rare earth magnets. For non-ferrous objects, an optional backer strip can be used to sandwich the light over cloth or other things a magnet won’t stick to. It has a strap system to get attached at various places to display creativity.

Often a question is posed as why would you want a strip of lights instead of a single beam like on most flashlights or headlamps. The answer is better depth perception compared with using a headlamp or flashlight as per company resources. When a wider light source is used, harsh shadows associated with a single-point light are softened.

Battery options

Ra comes loaded with an inbuilt battery connected with a USB cord to the strip to power the unit. It offers four different batteries. The smallest (I) can fuel Ra at 800 lumens for 3.5 hours and at 50 lumens for 63 hours, as per brand. The largest battery (IV) can run the Ra at 800 lumens for 14 hours, or 50 lumens for 252 hours.

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Weight and size

Ra is still in a prototype phase, so the weights haven’t been finalized yet. The brand says the prototypes weigh around 2 ounces without the battery packs which is between 4 and 17 ounces. So, the final product may weigh around 2.5 ounces.

These strips pose a challenge where weight is considered to be an issue otherwise weight with smaller battery packs, is not a huge obstacle for some outdoor events where LED lighting holds importance over light weight. The current size by the looks of it is close to six inches long.

Ra is currently available on Kickstarter only with a tag price of US$ 68 for a single Ra and single, level I power pack.

The other bigger and powerful Ra strips are available at US$ 159. A single Ra strip sells for $35 without a battery pack and battery packs are also sold separately. Ra has offered a unique lighting solution with great potential uses in outdoors and industrial arenas.

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