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LED lighting is a top priority in US cities

LED lighting is a top priority in US cities

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 28, 2016: Climate balance is one of the most important agenda in any and every economy of the world. Per a survey among U.S. mayors, LEDs and energy efficient lighting combined remains the top priorities for urban cities to meet energy and climate goals.

The ongoing effort for environmental conservation is quintessential which became evident at the recent 84th Winter United States Conference of Mayors meeting held in Washington D.C. The report showed that solar electricity systems, LED lighting, and low-energy buildings sum up as the most promising ways to curb climate emissions and to reduce energy in their cities.

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With other developments, the U.S. mayors call on Congress and presidential candidates to invest and protect America?s cities and their metropolitan areas by pushing deployment as they feel more than 40% of respondents find LED/energy efficient lighting as a top priority

More than 10 cities in US are making LED/energy efficient lighting technology their top priority in the next 2 years with over 40% of the people saying it was the top priority, the survey says. Just two years ago, LED lighting only garnered 29% of city mayors? attention and this certainly is an upward trend. Low-energy buildings and solar electricity came in at 17% and 18 % of top priority for the same period as per survey.

Public buildings and outdoor lighting remain the top services that cities are targeting for improved energy efficiency. This will reduce energy consumption with 77% of cities directing their energy efforts to public buildings with 65% towards outdoor lighting. Compared to two years ago, public buildings dropped from 83% to 77% while outdoor lighting grew from 54% to 65%.

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Of all the challenges faced by the mayors, budgeting constraints were the primary concern among U.S. mayors at 67% with the high up-front costs. Energy efficient technology comes in second at 49% and limited or no federal funding coming in third at 33%.

According to the survey by United States Conference of Mayors, public building and outdoor lighting were the top services which the cities are targeting.

The survey findings show that they could do much more if they had helping partners in assisting cities accelerate the deployment of these technologies which we know as so vital to reducing carbon emissions and energy use throughout the U.S.,? says New Bedford, Mass. Mayor Jon Mitchell, chairman of the Conference?s Energy Committee.

To reach climate goals, the mayors say the energy savings initiatives are practical solutions to help reduce energy consumption and help climate goals. Though the word from other members of the government are not enough to help mayors and cities. The Conference of Mayors state that U.S. mayors will continue to run in adopting energy efficient LED lighting and a desire for connected technologies for better energy efficiencies and to provide control over cities? lighting infrastructure.

Source: IHS Electronics 360

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