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LED lighting is the best way to cut energy, says UK govt

LED lighting is the best way to cut energy, says UK govt

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 18, 2017: Sustainable lighting is the best way to improve energy efficiency in buildings, states a UK government report. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has said in a report that sustainable lighting like LED lighting can help to save huge amount of energy in UK buildings.

“Interventions to upgrade lighting are usually easier than with central heating and ventilation and with rapidly improving lighting technology, lighting replacement is increasingly popular and cost-effective,” a BEIS report says.

The BEIS study says that 10,930GWh/year of total annual energy savings can be achieved by modern LED lighting technology, and that in total over £1 billion savings can be made by installing more efficient lights.

In UK, lighting is the second largest area of energy consumption. BEIS report says that there are many sectors with lighting that are over 15 years old, hence it is time for all these sectors to shift from conventional lighting to more energy efficient lighting to save energy.

About 28% of the health domain in the UK is lit by conventional lighting which are inefficient light, and 44% of military estates also use inefficient source of lighting. This indicates that vast energy and cash savings are at hand. At the same time, buildings will have improved lighting.

The study concludes that sustainable LED lighting can revolutionise the energy requirements, and lead the nation to save energy and money.

According to BEIS, more than a third of the total energy savings can be delivered with a private investment payback of three years or less. Hence, it is clear that the opportunity to retrofit, or install new LED lighting can be lead to huge business opportunity.

Industry insiders point out that when government invests in research, it means that it will bring in policies as well. It is also said that the government may encourage UK companies to deliver energy efficiency, while the users will enjoy energy and cash savings from cheaper energy bills.

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