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LED lighting makes strawberries tastier and healthier

LED lighting makes strawberries tastier and healthier

By BizLED Bureau

June 25, 2015: Dutch researchers at Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture in Bleiswijk have found that strawberries grown in autumn using LED lighting yield higher, are tastier and contain more vitamin C. Researchers have also found that production of strawberries increased by about 15% when grown by applying LED lighting.

Researchers have taken five different types of strawberries that were planted on August 20 in glasshouses of Wageningen UR’s Innovation & Demonstration Centre, Bleiswijk. They applied different LED lighting on these strawberries from different angles and directions. In some rows, the light came from outside, and is supplemented with LEDs from high above. In other rows, LEDs were hung 30 cm above the plants. And then there was special intermediary LED lighting, which focuses on both the leaves and the fruit.

The researchers found that the strawberries grown with the help of LED lighting from just above the plants and from lower down were more sweeter and vitamin C content increased; the the levels of antioxidants was also higher. This project was sponsored by

For more info: https://www.wageningenur.nl/en/newsarticle/LED-lamp-to-make-strawberries-tastier-and-healthier.htm

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