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LED lighting set to get a boost

LED lighting set to get a boost

Mar 7, 2016: A small business with old inefficient lighting could save up to 80% of their lighting energy costs by upgrading to LED. This is possible via the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) – a South Australian government initiative designed to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme has recently been expanded to encourage businesses to switch from old inefficient lighting to accredited LED lighting. To aid this transition, accredited service providers, such as local energy efficiency company, Ecovantage can offer an incentive or discount which partially or fully offsets the cost of the new lighting.

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One of the many businesses who has recently taken advantage of the REES offer is Automotive Brothers, an auto parts and accessories business at Mt Barker. They switched from fluorescent tubes to LED tubes, from old inefficient shop lighters and halogen downlights to LED alternatives. In fact, their rebate was so generous it resulted in the upgrade being free. They can now look forward to reduced energy bills, longer lasting lights and a quality of light that best showcases their product range.

The improvement in visual merchandising has been commented on. In fact, the lighting upgrades in several retail shops have caused customers to ask ?What have you done to the place?? and ?Have you repainted??

Feedback from Jason Lake, owner of Imprints Booksellers has also been very positive:

“We are very happy with the upgrade. We like the quality of the light, we like the reduction in our power bill, already noticeable, and the lights generate much less heat.”

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To access the rebates, a business should engage an Accredited Certificate Provider, such as Ecovantage, who will provide your business with a quote detailing exactly how much the REES rebate will be. In many cases the rebate will entirely offset the cost of the upgrade.

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