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LED lighting to get smart digitally: Osram

LED lighting to get smart digitally: Osram

By BizLED Bureau,

Jan 18, 2016: At the recently held Lighting Japan 2016 forum, Geet van der Meer, Head of Osram’s LED Lamps and Systems business unit mentioned the downfall in LED chip and lamp prices due to stiff competition in market from similar competitors. To tackle this situation, companies are focusing on design, quality, intelligent devices and digitalization of products devise a different road map for LED lighting.

LED lighting to get smart digitally: Osram

From 2011, the industry has been in the process to release improved LED solutions for market demands and challenges. LED lighting is rapidly transforming into a commercial market as many in the industry have started to invest in this market. Compared to the traditional luminaire life cycles averaged eight years LED product life cycle has been shortened to almost two years. Quick changes in related structures and design have also led to rapid transformation. Lighting industry will be required to create new values to maintain operations and profitability.

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The digitalization of lighting also provides a new perspective with technologies that combine cloud, automated control, mobile computing and analyses are also a crucial innovation.

Current market trends understand the urgency on smart lighting market to lower carbon emissions, save energy, improve safety, and create an even better work and living environment. Human centric lighting factors and ambient lighting amongst other will become even more important following these changes.

To incorporate and integrate lighting designs into smart buildings, a more comprehensive ecosystem is needed to provide more user friendly interface products. This in turn will combine with wireless technology that can be linked with various IoT applications.

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Osram?s quality products are moving towards commercialized designs and solutions. The added value on is achieved through client software. The German company is collaborating technically with OEMs and lighting designers to gain the needed resources to make the luminaire design more comprehensive, and raise the released rate and quality of products in market. This is a very different idea from the large order markets.

Osram invested important resources in its Lighting Management System (LMS), which already commands a certain degree of share in the commercial lighting market. The dimming design has been simplified to meet commercial market?s lighting application demands. The future lighting designs will be smarter and shall be integrated with large installation projects, such as power consumption reports and area data analyses . For Osram, the relationship between lighting and environment will become its new focus in the future.

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