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LED lights can make horticulture sector highly productive

Adoption of LED lights to make horticulture sector highly productive

By BizLED Bureau

October 3, 2015: The Dutch, who are considered to be the world leaders in greenhouse horticulture, are looking for innovative and sustainable ways to increase production of high quality fruits, vegetables and flowers. Dutch horticulture sector consumes a lot of energy; it in fact consumes 10% of the nation?s gas consumption. Hence, the sector is making efforts to cut down on energy consumption. They have found that LED lighting used in the greenhouse can immensely reduce energy consumption.

LED lights can make horticulture sector highly productive

According to Prof Leo Marcelis at Wageningen University, light is the key factor behind the growth of plants. Hence he is strongly advocating to use LED lighting system in greenhouse horticulture. Prof Leo Marcelis has estimated that by smartly using LEDs, the Dutch horticulture sector can save up to 50% energy.

Prof Leo Marcelis pointed out many other benefits of LEDs as compared to the lights being used currently. LEDs can change colour and intensity of the light, which is essential in the greenhouse. This will also help in better growth of high quality plants.

Why LEDs are beneficial for greenhouse

Devesh Singh and his team of University of Hannover, Germany, compared the lifespan costs of high pressure sodium lamps (HPSL) with LED lights for greenhouse, and found that after seven years, the cumulative cost of HPSL exceeds that of LED lights, and after 16 years, the cumulative cost of HPSL is more than double of the cost of LEDs.

Singh and team have also pointed out that as LEDs emit light in one direction, it is good for the growth of vegetables. On the other hand, HPSL spreads light across the entire the spectrum and a lot of energy gets lost as heat.

Also, chlorophyll mainly absorbs green, blue and red light of the spectrum and LEDs can change colours and meet this requirement. Moreover, germination and flowering get impacted by green light, and a feature of LEDs.

Industry is slow in adoption of LED lights

Netherlands, Spain, China are very large producers of greenhouse plants and vegetables. And energy consumption in horticulture sector all these nations is very high. Yet, the industry is very slow in shifting to LED lighting system in this sector mainly because of the high initial cost of LEDs.

Industry experts are advising the global horticulture sector to shift to LED lighting as soon as possible.

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