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LED lights lead to military tensions in disputed Kashmir

LED lights lead to military tensions in disputed Kashmir

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 15, 2017: Recently, a conspiracy regarding LED bulbs spread tension in the disputed area of Kashmir. The conspiracy spread like wildfire that government supplied LED bulbs are equipped with ‘spy sensors’, which betrayed the location of the militants to the Indian government.

The people in Kashmir are now under the impression that the LED bulbs send information about the movements of militants to the Indian security forces. As a result, due to the rumors, some people in Kashmir smashed the LED streetlights.

The Jammu and Kashmir government denied that the LED streetlights play any role other than illumination. It said that the LED streetlights have been installed under UJALA scheme, which promotes usage of LED luminaires at home.

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“We’re told that within minutes of militants having switched on the lights in the house where they had taken refuge, the army storm the hideout. This means there’s some connection between these lights and the tipoff that leads to the military encounters,’ a group of villagers told the Kashmir Post. ‘I broke one of the bulbs to try and find the spy chip but couldn’t find anything,’ another villager commented.

The UJALA scheme of the Indian government, under which subsidised LED bulbs are distributed across India, has been criticised by LED manufacturers who could failed to supply LED bulbs to the scheme, and in the process lost business.

The government has suggested that the ‘spy-lights’ rumour has been spread to sabotage the UJALA scheme. The government also clarified that the LED bulbs are not manufactured by the government but five leading LED companies.

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