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LED lights save newborns

LED lights save newborns

September 26, 2014: LED lights save newborns. Rani Children Hospital in Ranchi, the state capital of Indian state Jharkhand, is not well equipped to deal with 100 newborns every day. Some of these babies weigh less than two pounds at birth and are very weak.

These weak babies need modern medical technology to grow and get better, which the hospital lacks. But the new Lullaby baby warmer and phototherapy technology developed by GE in India has changed the situation.

These machines are sturdy and affordable. The hospital has installed them which helpthe newborn patients maintain their body temperature. The GE engineering team redesigned the machine?s controls and included buttons with intuitive icons and dials to give nurses more time to focus on the baby, rather than switches.

The Lullaby warmers work in combination with Lullaby phototherapy systems, which were also re-engineered by GE.

Doctors use them to treat infants with neonatal jaundice, a common illness caused by their immature livers. Left untreated, the yellow byproduct of dying blood cells called bilirubin can build up in the body and damage the developing brain.

Without phototherapy, they would have to receive blood transfusion but the technology helps the tiny bodies to get rid of the substance.

Engineers working at GE?s research center in Bangalore, India, equipped the new phototherapy machines with special LED lights that can last almost six years, or 50,000 hours, 25 times longer than standard fluorescent lamps that use five times as much electricity.
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