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LED luminaire design and technology trends showcased at Taiwan Expo

LED luminaire design and technology trends showcased at Taiwan Expo
Kaori’s dove shaped luminaire

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 21, 2016: A number of LED luminaire design and technology trends were showcased at Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) 2016 in Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan.

Smart LED lighting products

Majority of the LED lighting products displayed at the expo can be controlled with IR remote, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The smart energy management system by Panasonic can incorporate surveillance systems via Wi-Fi, air condition and lights. At present, the system is compatible with Panasonic electronic appliances only.

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Goldenway and Panasonic came up with a smart LED light controlled by means of a touch sensor entrenched light switch. While the Smart Lite Touch system of Panasonic is still a wired system, the luminaire deisgn for commercial purposes of Goldenway has now become a wireless system. It is now possible to control the smart OL-747 troffer lights by using Zigbee or DALI communication procedures for the 140 lm/W luminaire.

In addition to all these, Kaori’s dove shaped luminaire was among one of the key highlights at the expo. It is a touch sensor in the middle of the luminaire that facilitates the light to switch to diverse colors. You may tilt the light to varied angles manually. At present, one cannot program the color pattern or control the light wirelessly.

Glare reducing designs

The glare issue has started to come into focus with some companies beginning to design products that eliminate flicker in an effective way. This is because in US, the new lighting standards require the companies to decrease LED flicker by less than 10% as far as luminaire products are concerned.

It is in this regard that Seiwa showcased flicker-free explosion proof LED tube lights where the light distribution was uniform thus, causing no harm to the eyes.

The Taiwanese LED manufacturer, Kaori displayed a flicker and glare reducing LED troffers with design concept that varied from others. The approach to decrease flicker by varied companies is working on the luminarie casing like using PCB supplies. Kaori has employed reflective secondary optic designs to resolve the glare problem.

Kaori’s LED troffer lights employ a reflective design idea that directs the light via a filter and secondary optic design prior to directing it downwards. The representatives of the company said that the engravings on the glass cover are not used to reduce glare rather it is there for decorative purpose.

LED filament products

Epistar displayed its range of LED filament products at TILS 2016.The company is planning to consider licensing its LED filaments to other bulb manufacturers by 2016. The other companies to showcase LED filament bulbs included OasisTek and Forest Lighting.

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 IR LED proximity sensor

Epistar also dispalyde its IR LED proximity sensor that alters images on a screen and detects hand movements. And interestingly, the software was developed by the company itself.

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