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LED & OLED displays and healthcare sector driving QD market

LED & OLED displays and healthcare sector driving QD market

Feb 2, 2017: Tunable nanocrystal size and superior optical properties have made quantum dots (QDs) attractive semiconducting material for variety of applications in the field of healthcare, optoelectronics, solar energy, and security, among others.

QDs are semiconducting nanoparticles that range from 1nm to 10nm diameter in size and demonstrate quantum mechanical properties. The peculiarity of QDs is that they have ability to unite their semiconductor properties with those of nanomaterials.

Major factors driving this market

Growing demand for energy efficient LED & OLED displays coupled with regulated demand from the healthcare sector are the major factors driving this market in the current scenario. In addition, superior optical properties exhibited by QDs in terms of quantum yield, energy efficiency, optical stability and emission control have collectively fuelled market momentum, especially in optoelectronics and solar energy segment. Thus, use of QDs for producing energy efficient displays as well as VLSI (very large scale integration) design offers sound opportunity for the growth in the coming years.

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Healthcare segment represented the largest QDs application segment in 2012. However, optoelectronics segment is expected to exhibit the fastest growth over the forecast period from 2013 to 2023. Their unique optical properties such as high quantum yield, emission tenability, narrow emission band, and optical stability make QDs preferred materials for display and lighting solutions. In terms of products, QD medical device was the largest product segment in 2012 owing to dominant healthcare applications. However, with exponential growth forecast in optoelectronics segment, QD LED displays and QD lighting solutions are expected to grow at the fastest growth rate. In 2012, cadmium selenium (CdSe) was the most preferred ram material used in QDs. However, with restrictions on the use of cadmium getting more stringent, the use of cadmium free (non-toxic) QDs is expected to swell in the coming years.

North America is the largest market

North America accounted for the largest market share in 2012, which is expected to lure heavy investment and at the same time high end research is expected to be carried out in the field of QDs. In addition, growing demand from optoelectronics segment and regulated demand from healthcare sector in the region has ensured its dominance.

Asia Pacific fastest growing QD market

The Asia Pacific QDs market was valued at US$ 22.4 million in 2012, and is expected to be the fastest growing QDs market in the coming years. Surging demand from optoelectronics and solar energy applications is the key growth factor for this geography.

Key players

Major industry participants include Life Technologies Corporation (U.S.), QD Vision, Inc. (U.S.), Nanosys, Inc. (U.S.), Nanoco Technologies Ltd (U.K.), Ocean NanoTech LLC (U.S), QD Laser, Inc. (Japan), and Quantum Material Corporation (US) among others.

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