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LED packaging giants hold 43.6% market share in China

LED packaging giants hold 43.6% market share in China

By BizLED Bureau

April 27, 2015: The global LED packaging giants are competing with each other to maintain their position in the Chinese LED lighting market. The LED packaging Chinese market is divided into global, Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers. In 2013, the Chinese market for LED packaging was worth US$7.2 billion. The top 10 ranking manufacturers in the industry like Nichia, Cree, Philips Lumileds, held a market share of 43.6%, with Japan-based LED manufacturer Nichia holding to its number one position in the Chinese market. Chinese maker MLS Lighting held the fourth position, whose revenue grew by about 70% as compared to 2012. In 2013, revenues of global manufacturers of LED package in China increased 40% to touch US$2.0 billion, with Seoul Semiconductor and Nichia?s annual revenues growth exceeding about 80%.

Surprisingly, the market share of Taiwanese manufacturers in China has declined gradually due to the price pressure from the Chinese manufacturers. However, players like Everlight, Lextar, Unity Opto have acquired good market share in China. However, the rise of international and domestic Chinese manufacturers led the Taiwanese manufacturers? revenue to decline by 1% to US $640 million in 2013.

Till date the international manufacturers have been able to maintain growth in the Chinese LED packaged market because of their patent and technology advantages. Major international makers in China are international leaders in LED patents and technology. So they get an upper hand when they export their made in China products to Europe and North America, where they can meet product standards, patent issues, and stringent safety standards.

However, due to low priced products, the Chinese manufacturers will succeed in the long run. They will become even more cost competitive and will be able to expand their market shares drastically. The Chinese manufacturers are also upgrading their manufacturing technology. In response, the international makers are actively looking for OEMs to strengthen their business in the Chinese market.

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