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LED streetlights in Thiruvananthapuram to become intelligent

LED streetlights in Thiruvananthapuram to become intelligent

By BizLED Bureau

August 24, 2015: Streetlights in the Indian city Thiruvananthapuram are all set to become smart. The city will soon get LED street lighting system with most advanced intelligent monitoring system (IMS).

Sidco has been entrusted with the project as a part of a plan to save electricity. Sidco will run this project for 10 years and look after its maintenance at a cost of Rs 152.92 crore.

With IMS, all real-time updates and information regarding LED lights will be available via a common web server. A centralized monitoring station will receive the information in case a light fails to function or has been damaged. This will help the authorities to avoid complaints from residents regarding dysfunctional streetlights.

The central monitoring system can catch the information if a streetlight does not work and can initiate repair and replacement without the residents having to intimate the corporation office,” said Indulal S, assistant professor, electrical department of CET, who is one of the members of the technical committee that chose the agency for LED street lighting.

It will also have an automated communication service. In case a resident files an online complaint regarding LED lights, he/she will immediately receive an SMS with a registration ID which can further be quoted in case of lack of response. The system has been designed such that the complaints registered online will be promptly addressed by the central monitoring station.

IMS will also be incorporated with automatic control of light intensity. During fog and rainy conditions, the intensity of LED lights can be automatically enhanced even during daytime. During peak hours LED lights will have the brightest luminance and will automatically fade down to lower levels later on.


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