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LED strips to warn pedestrians to follow traffic signals
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LED strips to warn pedestrians to follow traffic signals

By BizLED Bureau

May 17, 2017: Singapore witnesses more than 10,000 traffic accidents every year, many of them involving pedestrians. To stop these accidents, Singaporean Land Transport Authority (LTA) has started using LED light strips to improve safety at pedestrian crossings. This scheme has been launched as a trial for six months.

The LED strip lights are being placed on the floor near the edge of two busy crossings. These lights will operate in sync with pedestrian traffic lights. When a green signal is turned on, the LED strip on the floor also turns green. When the lights will change, the strips start flashing in green, to warn the pedestrians that it is no longer safe to cross.

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When the red signal is on, which means that it is not safe to cross the road, the LED strips will glow red to warn the pedestrians not to cross the road.

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The LED lights will be on and visible for 24 hours a day. After six months, LTA will review if accidents have reduced, and then decide if they are useful to alert the pedestrians to focus on traffic signals while crossing the road. Similar LED strips are in use in Frankfurt, Sydney, Seoul, and The Netherlands.

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