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LED technologies that will dominate in 2016

LED technologies that will dominate in 2016

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 21, 2016: With scientific advancements every day, progress in lighting sector is no exception as LED technologies. Here we will highlight some of the latest technologies that will rule the roost in year 2016. As per research analysis, this year will witness a tremendous growth in the global LED lighting industry mainly driven by the general lighting segment.

Human-centric LED lighting

The world is abuzz with the concept of human-centric LED lighting. It is currently the USP of the LED market. The biggest impact of human-centric lighting is, it can enable control of wavelength and light quality that can be achieved using LEDs.

Here, we will try to explain this with an example. Different wavelengths of light can be used to balance children?s moods ? blue light to trigger stimulation and warmer light when serenity is required. This process has been trialed in primary schools and was a stupendous success and definitely one technology to watch in coming time.

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LED Control

Car headlights is definitely one such area which needs controllability of LEDs. The idea is not to dazzle the traffic coming from the opposite side and this issue has been left unresolved since the advent of automobiles. This feature enhances car safety to another level and already in stage to be rolled out in high end cars.

The introduction of additional technology in LED modules is going through a sea change as lighting is getting smarter with communication mediums such as ZigBee and Bluetooth enabling Smartphone-controllable lights as part of an IoT ecosystem.

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LEDs thermal management

As demand for high and super high LEDs will grow, the industry is slated to grow bigger as predicted by industry experts. Market analysts anticipated that ceramics such as aluminium nitride will become more prevalent in COB LED and high power packaged LEDs. This is due to power densities which will continue to increase.

Li-Fi & COB LEDs

A new variant in lighting technology which is being developed is is Li-Fi. It delivers data using the visible spectrum at 1Gigabit per second. The idea is to build LED modules so lightbulbs could soon become wireless hotspots. Another variant which can generate high demand is high power and super-high power LEDs. This currently is against the prediction of mid power LEDs that would dominate general lighting. Chip-on-board (COB) LED devices will have a huge demand as they fall in super high power category and shall receive tremendous response in LED lighting fixtures market.

Considering the simplistic working methodology, COB LED devices are more favored in comparison to SMD packaged LEDs.

Chip scale packaging

Chip scale packaging has a really great future pertaining to its potential in the market as it removes the requirement for level 1 packaging. The CSP LEDs are simply mounted directly onto a PCB and turn it into a COB device. Chip scale packaging cuts cost due to smaller form factor, improved reliability and better performance. It also allows chip manufacturers allow securing higher average selling price for their products by fabricating chip scale packages with integrated optics.

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