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LED to replace laser light in cancer surgery?

LED to replace laser light in cancer surgery?

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 14, 2015: Professor Ivy Hsu, Department of Bioscience Technology of Chung Yuan Christian University, Taipei, Taiwan says that since laser light source is quite expensive, laser light has become the major bottleneck to commercialize photodynamic therapy technology as a common cancer treatment modality. He has pinned high hopes on LED to replace laser light in cancer surgery. He said that in order to lower the cost of US importing laser device, nearly NT$1.5 million/unit, the research and development project is initiated to the efficacy and performance of LED light sources on photodynamic therapy results.

The LED light sources have achieved over 2W of 635nm power intensity but provide even better therapeutic results in oral hamster buccal pouches precancer model preclinical trial study, Ivy Hsu said and expressed hope that Taiwan-developed LED light source may replace the expensive laser light source in the future. Since Taiwan is the world?s largest LED producing country of LED, we have the most advanced high-brightness LED light source technology.

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Ivy Hsu claimed that currently developed Wonderlight weighs less than 1.5kg, apart from having user-friendly design, easy maintenance, and relevant lower cost. The energy provided by a LED light source has more photodynamic tumor toxicity effect.

So LED is expected to be effective in lead to excite a higher amount of photosensitizer at same power density of light that will improve efficacy of photodynamic therapy.

Photo caption: The laser bounces beams of light off the brain and has been used in cancer surgery in the UK for the first time. Credit: MailOnline

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