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LED unit opens employment opportunities for tribal girls

LED unit lights up lives of tribal girls

By BizLED Bureau

July 13, 2016: An LED manufacturing unit, which has been set up in an agency area in Rampa Chodavaram, a census town in East Godavari district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is changing the lives of more than 40 tribal girls of the town. The LED project has been set up by Rampa Girijana Mahila Samaikya with the help of the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), and the unit is headed by Kollapureddy Veera Lakshmi, who is a tribal herself.

Highlights of the LED manufacturing unit

The girls were given training for a period of two weeks in various fields such as soft skill, electrical and practical and project. The raw material is purchased from Bengaluru and the girls have even started to manufacture LED bulbs, street lights and tube lights. The technical support is being provided by Spectrum Techvision, Bengaluru.

The LED unit has capacity to produce 4,000 bulbs in two shifts on a daily basis. The unit is being run with advanced industrial standards and the quality of LED products is first-class. Electro static discharge materials such as slippers, apron, wrist strap, mat, nose mask, cap and goggles are used in the unit.

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KVN Chakradhar Babu, the project officer ITDA Rampa Chodavaram is the brain behind the set up of such an LED unit in Rampa Chodavaram. As soon as he took up the project, the girls were sent to Youth Training Centre where they were given training on solar panels and electrical.

A spokesperson from the unit said that the ITDA has released Rs 20 lakh for purchasing raw material by forming Rampa Girijana Mahila Samaikya. By taking the unit in business mode, Exim license has been also obtained to export the LED products. The target is to manufacture 1.20 lakh LED bulbs per one month. The margin for each LED bulb would be Rs 15 and Rs 1,500 for street light, added the spokesperson.

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As far as the marketing facilities for the LED bulbs is concerned, the spokesperson said that these bulbs, tube lights and street lights would be supplied to schools, hostels and colleges in the ITDA limits, to all government offices and to all village panchayats. In addition, there is enormous demand since the government has decided to supply two extra LED bulbs for each schedule tribe family under Tribal sub-plan and two bulbs to each house in the nation.

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