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LED way of celebrating Indian festival Holi

LED way of celebrating Indian festival Holi

March 4, 2015: The New Delhi Municipal Council is distributing LED lights to its employees as a gift for the Indian festival Holi. Last year, the Council spent Rs 94 lakh to distribute sweets to its employees on Holi.

Nearly 20,000 LED bulbs have been distributed so far. This is a departure from the past practice of distributing sweets, since LED bulbs would not only bring enduring brightness and happiness in the lives of the employees but also reduce their electricity bills, NDMC spokesperson Jagjivan Bakshi told PTI.

As a part of the the scheme Palika Navjyoti Mission, the civic body will distribute three LED bulbs to each of its 12,000 employees. This decision was taken in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s call to the people of India to save energy.

The scope of the programme would soon be enhanced to replace the conventional street lights with LED fittings. NDMC is also in the process of fine-tuning the scheme of distributing LED bulbs to all the domestic electricity consumers connected to its grid under the Demand Side Management based Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP), Bakshi said.

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