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LEDs will power Dehradun streetlights soon!

LEDs will power Dehradun streetlights soon!

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 24, 2016: Streetlights in the city of Dehradun, a beautiful place in India, will see a facelift as Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC) is planning to replace the existing street lamps with energy-efficient LED lights. The move has been welcomed by residents of the city.

LEDs will power Dehradun streetlights soon!

In an extensive report prepared by DMC, the authority cited the future savings and other critical factors for this move. A proposal has been presented to the state government in this regard with approximately 42,000 streetlights to be replaced with powerful LED bulbs. This will save an estimated Rs 50 million annually to the government.

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Eco-light Technology, a Gurgaon-based LED manufacturer, has been roped for supplying, installing and maintaining the LED streetlights. According to the data, combined expenses of DMC and Uttarakhand government are estimated at Rs 96 million annually, to maintain streetlights in the city. The expenditure includes salaries of workers, electricity bills and the cost CFL bulbs which are used in streetlights.

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The expenditure will come down to around Rs 48 million, once the proposal is accepted and implemented. Gurgaon-based company, Eco-light Technology, will receive 50% share of the savings, as per the proposal.

Presently, DMC has employed 20 linemen and 20 helpers to maintain streetlights, while the power bills are paid by the state government.  A senior official expressed his excitement with the proposal as the company will not only be responsible for installation of LED bulbs, but also their maintenance for a certain number of years. This shall help DMC to keep a limited staff for streetlights and increase the savings of the state authority for other useful purposes.

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