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LEDVANCE launches world’s first HomeKit-enabled smart filament A19 bulb

LEDVANCE launches world’s first HomeKit-enabled smart filament A19 bulb

Dec 20, 2017: LEDVANCE, the maker of SYLVANIA general lighting in the United States, continues to advance light by announcing the world’s first HomeKit™-enabled smart Filament A19 bulb. The HomeKit-enabled SYLVANIA SMART+ Soft White A19 Filament Bulb (MSRP $31.99) combines the future of the Smart Home with the retro look of the past, and is available for pre order for Spring 2018 delivery on Amazon.com. In addition, the company is announcing the SYLVANIA SMART+ Indoor Flex Strip Full Color (MSRP $59.99) and Soft White A19 Bulb (MSRP $25.99) are now available for purchase on Amazon.com and HomeDepot.com.

The expansion comes after the recent launch of the HomeKit-enabled SYLVANIA SMART+ A19 Full Color Bulb, the first light bulb you could buy that can be easily controlled directly using Bluetooth via Siri and Apple’s Home app and doesn’t require buying a separate hub or smart socket, or need a Wi-Fi router to function like other products.

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SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting products and accessories give you even more convenient control of your lighting and electronics, help you personalize your space, improve efficiency, and help save you time and energy. With SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting products, you can change the look and feel of a room to suit your mood or whatever you need to accomplish.

One of the benefits of HomeKit-enabled SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth products is how easy they are to install. After screwing in the Bluetooth-enabled bulb in your lamp or plugging in the Flex Strip, sync it with the Home app and start controlling your lights instantly. You can use the Home app or via voice commands with Siri to easily control the lights individually or in groups as part of scenes. The SYLVANIA SMART+ Soft White A19 Filament Bulb and Soft White A19 Light Bulb provide up to 650 and 800 lumens respectively, which is the same as a 40W and 60W traditional bulb, and can be wirelessly dimmed to provide just the right amount of soft white (2700K) light for whatever you are doing. The SYLVANIA SMART+ Indoor Flex Strip Full Color can go from soft white (2700K) to natural daylight (6500K) and change to millions of colors to quickly and easily complement or change the décor of any room. It has adhesive backing for a quick installation, and the malleable design makes it possible to contour around corners to enhance living areas, under couches and bed or as backlighting behind your TV.

With the SYLVANIA SMART+ Expansion and Connector Kits, you can further customize your lighting. The connectors are ideal for creating a flat right angle around sharp corners and for gaps across surfaces that are not completely flat or where lighting is not needed. The Expansion Kit comes with two additional two foot strips so you can easily expand the length of your lighting up to 20 feet. The Expansion and Connector Kits can be found here and here respectively on Amazon.com and here on HomeDepot.com.

“Previously, the need for a hub and internet connection when installing smart devices was a barrier for many consumers who wanted to try smart lighting,” said Aaron Ganick, global head of Smart Business, LEDVANCE. “Our partnership with Apple – and our ever growing, industry leading HomeKit-enabled SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth portfolio — helps bring the benefits of beautiful smart lighting to more consumers in a way that is simple to install and easy to use.”

For those times when you are away from your Smart Home, Apartment or Dorm Room, Apple has also made it possible to control HomeKit-enabled products like SYLVANIA SMART+ lighting using an Apple TV or iPad running iOS 10 as a home hub. With a home hub, you can set up schedules to turn lights on and off while you’re on vacation or for when you get home in the evening.

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