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LEDVANCE truck with LED luminaries is on the road again!

LEDVANCE truck with LED luminaries is on the road again!

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 11, 2017: LEDVANCE has come up with a unique marketing strategy. The best way to promote products is to meet clients in person and present the different products to them—this has also been LEDVANCE’s top priority. To ensure that its customers across Europe can learn more about what the company has to offer, it has launched the LEDVANCE truck on the road.

 LEDVANCE truck tour

The LEDVANCE truck provides an opportunity for the company and its customers. The truck first hit the road in 2016, a roadshow got underway in France in January 2017. Over the next 10 months, the truck visited a total of 13 countries, stopping at events, fairs, wholesalers and offices en route. The truck visited the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

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The one-stop-shop inside the truck was the entire LEDVANCE LED luminaire range like downlights, spots, floodlights, linear and panel LEDs.

LEDVANCE truck is once again on the road, and will visit several European countries in the last three months in 2017 and also in 2018. It will stop at wholesalers and other convenient locations to showcase LEDVANCE product highlights from the extensive portfolio of LED lamps, luminaires, vintage 1906, and the smart LED lighting range to installers.

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Visitors to the truck will get the chance to experience the brand’s new comprehensive range of LED luminaires. Inside the One-Stop-Shop, visitors will discover the different varieties of LED luminaires, and how to install them. They will also learn how well they match the already installed lighting applications.

While some stops coincided with light fairs such as the EXPOREXEL in Batalha, Portugal in May, others were a chance to visit partners or clients. While most truck guests were installers, sometimes designers or architects also came aboard. Whether at a packed industrial fair or a local wholesaler, people were always curious.

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