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LG Innotek and Daintree Networks enable embedded control for LED luminaires

LG Innotek and Daintree Networks enable embedded control for LED luminaires

April 1, 2016: Daintree Networks, the leader in open networked wireless control, sensing and Enterprise Internet of Things  solutions for smart buildings, and LG Innotek, a leading global materials and components manufacturer, today announced they are building on their partnership, originally announced just over a year ago, and delivering more joint solutions that enable out-of-the-box wirelessly connected LED luminaires.

Over the next few months, LG Innotek will be rolling out several new products that support Daintree Networks ControlScope open networked wireless control solution.

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Between April and June 2016, LG Innotek will release a Wireless Interface Module, a 30W programmable LED driver, and a 55W programmable LED driver all with embedded open-standard ZigBee® connectivity. These products will work seamlessly with Daintree Networks’ open-standard ControlScope control solution and are highly attractive to luminaire manufacturers looking for a simple and low-cost route to add wireless connectivity and control.

The LG Innotek driver announced last year won a 2016 Sapphire Award from LEDs Magazine in the LED Drivers category due to its innovative use of open standards technology. Utilizing Daintree Networks’ ControlScope open source firmware, LG Innotek designed and built its new driver line with an integrated small-form factor, pluggable ZigBee module. Integrated wireless drivers eliminate the need for separate wireless adapters and associated wiring.

“By linking our embedded wireless products with Daintree Networks’ control system, we are meeting the demand from leading LED luminaire manufacturers for cost-effective, seamless lighting control solutions,” said Dr. DY Huh, Vice President of Engineering with LG Innotek. ”

As a result, luminaire manufacturers can focus on their core capabilities and integrate our embedded wireless products into their own unique offerings. We plan to continue to provide embedded wireless connectivity in our products to help enable this growing market.”

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Derek Proudian, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Daintree Networks said, “Joining forces with LG Innotek to provide embedded wireless products enhances our partnerships with luminaire manufacturers as it allows them to expand their customer offerings. We greatly value all of our partners and will continue work with them to drive open standards-based technology that enables the Enterprise Internet of Things.”

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