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LG to invest $380 million in OLED technology

LG to invest $380 million in OLED technology

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 29, 2016: The trend for OLED display is setting in with anticipated high demand in coming years. Keeping the demand track in mind, future stock of LCDs, PCs and smart devices will see a paradigm shift towards OLED screens.

LG Display, which is a unit of parent company LG Electronics, is planning to invest $ 380 million. The amount shall be directed to a production facility to manufacture OLED panels.

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In current situation, price of producing OLED panels is expensive than LCD/LED TVs but with current investment plans from LG, it will help reduce the price of OLED TVs. Though OLEDs are available in market but have limited buyers due to high price tags.

During an exhibition at CES, monitors and laptops with OLED screens were shown this month. David Hsieh, director of display research at IHS told in an interview that estimated cost of putting OLED panels in PCs is twice that of LCD panels. The only possibility to bring down OLED panel price is through mass production.

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Currently, Samsung is the leading player of OLED screens today. Latest monitors and OLED PCs, mobile devices use panels from Samsung. As LG plans for the big investment, they hope to compete with Samsung in OLED segment.

Through a technical point of view, OLED screens are much brighter, thinner and power-friendly than LCD technology. These days, LCD technology is in major use but the absence of lighting back-panels in OLED displays makes them thinner and more power-efficient than LCDs.

Market price of an LG 55-inch OLED TV is close to $1,850, available in the market. LG also wowed CES attendees with a transparent display that could be bent.

With latest advancements and achievements, OLED panels counter similar problems that early LCD technology had. Questions about durability, and burn-in issues are still posted. Images that stay on screen even after a computer/TV has been powered down — have also been reported in some cases.

Per the latest report from LG, the investment plan will begin in the first quarter of 2016 and last through the second quarter of 2017.

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