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LG?s new 4K OLED TVs create benchmark in technology

LG?s new 4K OLED TVs create benchmark in technology

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 12, 2016: The technological marvels in display graphics are evolving everyday and with LG?s breakthrough innovation in television technology, we will witness a very thin translucent glass showing our favourite programs everyday. Redefining a new era of ultimate picture display, LG OLEDs are clearly ahead of the curve.

LG?s new OLED 4K TVs are just 2.57mm thick to be precise. The latest announcement from company with its G6 and E6 series which come in both flat and curved form. The magical Picture-on-Glass design is exact in reality as it sounds like: a brilliant Ultra HD Premium image with HDR Pro.

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The Premium and Pro versions are definitely worth to watch out for. The recently announced Ultra HD Premium standard is loaded with UHD Alliance and collaborated to products ?that adhere with performance metrics for resolution, high dynamic range (HDR), peak luminance, black levels and wide colour gamut to name.? Giving the very best in objective sense is the prime motto here. In an attempt to express how the latest TV line is better than regularly featured HDR, newly launched HDR Pro is a better marketing initiative from LG. Time will tell whether the labelled features are subjective in nature or setting benchmarks.

Above all, the G6 and E6 television series look awesome. Loaded with DolbyVision and ?Color Prime® Pro technology?, the OLED picture quality is superior to its competition in every sense. The new TVs come with a built-in harman/kardon sound bar as a 2mm thick pane of glass inability to hold speakers.

With a power-packed hardware and latest version of webOS 3.0, this powerful television will assist you in accessing your favourite broadcast and streaming apps. G5 and E6 come in 55- and 65-inch sizes and shall hit the market in year 2016.

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