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LIFX cuts prices again, adds smart LED bulb & strip lights  

LIFX cuts prices again, adds smart LED bulb & strip lights

By BizLED Bureau

 Oct 6, 2016: LIFX, the California-based LED smart bulb pioneer, has reduced the price of its white and color-changing bulbs. It has also launched a new color bulb that emits infrared (IR) wavelengths, thus making the security cameras  see more indoor and outside areas.

LIFX has reduced the price of its Color 1000 color-changing and its tunable White 900 and White 800 LED lamps to US$39.99, US$24.99 and US$19.99, respectively.

In the last few years,the price of Color 1000 has fallen several times. In October 2015, it was priced at US$100, which was cut to US $60, again to US$50, and now it is priced at US$40.

Introducing LIFX+

Besides cutting down cost of its popular products, the company has come up with the newLIFX+. It has all the features of the LIFX Color 1000 lamp like 16 million tunable color shades, a channel that emits IR light, brightening up the picture delivered by security cameras, and allowing them to see longer distance.

This smart bulb’s intensity and color settings can be controlled via Android or iOS app. The new addition that really earns the bulb its LIFX+ name is the infrared light. When the main light goes out, the bulb emits an invisible wavelength aimed at assisting home security cameras of any variety offered by leading companies.

To see at night, a lot of security cameras rely on infrared, which they shine out like an invisible spotlight. With the addition of some infrared bulbs around a room, a security camera that relies on IR could have clearer look over a longer area.

The new LIFX+ will be available as a standard A19 bulb, and as a BR30 flood light. Both sell for US$79.99. Like all other LIFX’s other products, they rely on Wi-Fi, which makes setup and connectivity fairly easy.

LED strip lights: A new addition

The company has alsoadded for the first timeLED strip lights to its new line of products known as LIFX Z. It is a color-changing smart strip, which comes with a starter consisting of base plug and a 2m strip. You will be able to connect up to 10 m worth of strips to a single base station, with plugs available for outlets in your region.

LIFX was an early player in residential smart home lighting. While general consumers might still find the US$40 and US$20 tag of its Color 1000 and White 800 tunable lamps to be expensive. LIFX does not require users to purchase pricey starter kits the way some other vendors like Philips have.


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