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LIFX ties up with Amazon Echo for smart LED lamps

LIFX ties up with Amazon Echo for smart LED lamps

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 10, 2016: With Android support, LIFX is letting users to change lighting schemes by interacting with Amazon’s Echo system. LIFX is a California based manufacturer which has added support for Google’s Android voice control in their smart bulbs.

Amazon Echo is getting popular as it enables voice command system within smart LED lamps. Taking cue from this technology, LIFX has expanded their technical options to control smart bulbs remotely by installing Amazon’s voice command system.

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Amazon’s Echo is a smart voice control system which unites speaker and unit to wirelessly connect with each other through different devices. This function allows to turn the lights on or off, dim or brighten the lights as per requirement and change the color pattern as well.

LIFX vice president John Cameron stated in an official statement that these bulbs will be controlled with details like on/off functionality or dimming percentage as well. All users need to do, is install the mechanism and call out ‘Alexa’ command to perform desired actions.

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These controls require an LIFX app, which includes an Amazon Echo section that enables users to connect to their Amazon account. An Alexa section displays a diagram of lights and allows users to group them.

Perhaps, technology is getting elevated to a level where LED lighting is getting connected and controlled through computers, phones, and gadgets from a certain distance or irrespective of the location.

As per other reports, LIFX is working closely with  Google’s Nest home automation system and Samsung’s SmartThings smart home kit. They are yet to announce their compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit home automation framework and its Siri voice command.

The Amazon Echo speaker connects wirelessly to the Internet and can assist daily routine tasks like music services or give spoken answers to questions. It can give weather forecasts or cooking advices to booking taxi as well.

This limited time offer by LIFX comes with a price cut to US$ 49.99 for its LIFX Color 1000 smart lamp. The product can be availed from company’s official website as well.

The current price is a huge discount as couple of months ago, these smart lamps were priced at US$ 100. With increase in demand and increase in production, the prices are bound to tune in favour of consumers only.

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