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Lighting professionals concerned over making Philips ‘Dubai Lamp’ mandatory

Lighting professionals concerned over making Philips 'Dubai Lamp' mandatory

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 3, 2017: As per an order of Dubai’s buildings departments, all new building and construction projects are supposed to use Philips’ Dubai lamp..

Lighting consultants working in Dubai are concerned about this order that requiree all new buildings in the Emirate to use Philips’ lamp. This order limits the choice of lamps to a handful of Philips products. This order seems to be made without any consultation in with the lighting community, the lighting consultants feel.

The order makes it mandatory for all new projects to use one of eight variations of the ‘Dubai Lamp’, manufactured by Philips. The company has got into a five-year deal with Dubai. Inspections on the use of the new lamp will start in December.

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Philips claims its Dubai Lamp is the first commercially available LED lamp that achieves 200lm/W. This high level of efficacy represents a significant step in lighting technology, the company says. However, lighting professionals need a variety of choices.

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Dubai Lamp is clearly a product for the consumers not the professionals. Although Philips Dubai lamp has great potential, the design community demands variety, and it does not cover all that the designers look for. They need warm colour temperature of 2700K. Also, there are no vintage bulb shapes which are very popular in Dubai, neither there is any CRI of 90+, and it’s not dimmable—these are the key elements in high-end projects in the Middle East.

The lighting community feels that it is a good idea to enforce usage of LED lighting, but enforcing one type of LED light in the professional market is not the best way forward at all.

Lighting consultants are concern because if they do a five-star hotel and the interior designer wants some nice table lamps, the lighting designers will be limited to 3000K or 6500K, a CRI of 80, and not dimmable, in a handful of different shapes. Although cutting down on energy and rooting out dangerous products is important, but this order is not right, they believe.

Philips claims that Dubai Lamp has the best-in-class efficiency of 200 lm/W, but lighting consultants and designers are concerned that making it compulsory on them means restricting their creative freedom.

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