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Linear low-voltage drop LED driver IC

Linear low-voltage drop LED driver IC

Jan 18, 2018: Infineon offers BCR430U, which is a constant current linear LED driver IC for regulating LED current in standalone operation. The voltage drop at the integrated driver IC can go down to 135 mV at 50 mA.

Long term reliability and longevity of LEDs are key. BCR430U is the best choice when you need to drive low power LED strings and strips supplied by a DC voltage source and at the same time requesting more flexibility in voltage headroom.

BCR430U is a linear LED controller IC in a small SOT23-6 package regulating the LED current in standalone operation without the need of any external power transistor. It is suitable for driving currents from 5 to 100mA and the IC supply voltage range is from 6V up to 42V. The LED current level can be adjusted connecting a high ohmic resistor Rset to pin RS.

Key features

  • Supply voltage from 6 to 42V
  • Controls up to 100mA LED current
  • Typ. 135mV saturation voltage at 50mA
  • LED current precision ±5%
  • Smart over temperature protection
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