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LinkCom’s new LED power supplies with higher voltage output

LinkCom’s new LED power supplies with higher voltage output

Nov 30, 2017: LinkCom Manufacturing has launched a series of 100 to 150W constant-current LED power supplies with 5W additional outputs for outdoor lighting.

The HVO series delivers constant current at output voltage levels required for high-lumen-output applications; features an auxiliary DC sensor output, 3-in-1 dimming control, wide operating temperature and a weatherproof (IP-67) package; includes five-year warranty

Announcing the 100-150W HVO series, the latest addition to our INCORE family of high-performance constant-current LED power supplies. The HVO Series is available in models with power ratings of 100W, 120W and 150W – all with efficiency over 90% when powered from a 200VAC or higher source voltage. Weatherproof IP-67 packaging and a wide operating temperature (-40C to 60C) enhance the suitability of the HVO Series for street lighting, high-bay industrial illumination and other high-lumen-output applications.

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The units also provide a built-in 5W auxiliary output power source to operate environmental sensors. The HVO Series also features 3-in-1 dimming (0-10Vdc, 10V PWM or resistance).

To assure superior, flicker-free light quality, the HVO Series features a two-stage fly-back converter with integral active power factor correction. The units also provide a full range of circuit protection (OVP, OCP, PTP) and 2kV surge-withstand capability to assure reliable performance. The HVO Series meets UL8750, complies with FCC emission standards and is RoHS compliant.

Newman Chen, LinkCom’s director of North American operations, commented: “By offering a highoutput voltage rating, robust environmental specifications and 3-in-1 dimming control, our new HVO Series reflects our ongoing commitment to addressing customer requirements in the fast-growing LED illumination market.”

Source: www.linkcomusa.com/

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