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Liquidleds offers LED beer bottle lamp

Liquidleds offers LED beer bottle lamp

Oct 25, 2017: Soda-lime glass is occupied more than 90% of glass bottle market, a variety of options for different glass bottle design including all beer bottles and all soft drink bottles. Soda-lime glass is beautiful with variety of different shapes but no one to make it as a light bulb because easily being broken with heat and high temperature situation. However, with lots of RD effort and intensity, Liquidleds’ new innovation is to create new way made LED lamps with soda-lime glass bottles, using the company’s proprietary production process.

LED Beer Bottle Lamp, Liquidleds’ new product line are made with recycling beer bottle, cleaning it without existing logo on it and using the Liquidleds’ proprietary patent “Method of Assembling an Airtight LED Light Bulb”. Existing glass bottles become beautiful LED Lamps with their unique shapes. Where can you find them? Liquidleds’ beer bottle LED Bulbs debuted in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017 Autumn Edition.


Beer Bottle LED Light Bulb is good for brewing companies or distributors as sales kits, placing beer bottle LED Lamp over the counter or promoting it as advertisement. The unique shape is extension of brewing company’s imagination and also a beautiful decoration. As a decorative lamp, it looks great in a restaurant or pub interior. Liquidleds are ready for it. We are looking for beer brewing companies or distributors to cooperate for ODM to produce this series of product line.


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