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Why longevity of LED bulbs is shorter than that claimed

Why longevity of LED bulbs is shorter than that claimed

By BizLED Bureau

October 20, 2015: Usually, it is found that an LED bulb lasts lesser period of time than claimed on the package of the bulb. That is, the longevity of LED bulb is shorter than that claimed by the manufacturer on the package. But let?s find out how we can make the LED bulb last longer.

The life span of an LED is longer than that of an incandescent, CFL or HID lamp, which last for 50,000 hours or longer. Although LEDs never really burn out, product life span is measured by lumen depreciation. LED life is rated where it has reached 30% lumen depreciation. At 100,000 hours an LED would still be operating, but at a decreased lumen output.

Life span depends on these factors

The life span of an LED lamp depends on the operating temperature, mechanical shock and vibrations, operating voltage, exposure to voltage spikes, and manufacturing defects. However, unlike incandescent and CFL, which fail faster when switched on and off often, LED bulbs stay unaffected by any number of times it is switched on and off.

Usually, the LED, which is a semiconductor, does not fail. Failures in LED tend to start from a breakdown of the components inside the bulb, particularly due to the failure of the heat sink.

It is seen that in places where voltage fluctuation is high, a silicon diode cap can be attached over the base of the bulb to control the voltage that passes through it. By lowering the voltage, the heat that is generated can also be lowered. This helps to increase the life of the bulb.

It is always advisable that LED bulbs should be bought from reliable companies, which follow stricter quality control and give warranty. Compared to CFLs and incandescent bulbs, LED light bulbs have much longer life span and consume the lowest energy?they generally have a life span of about 25,000 and 50,000 hours.

LED bulbs are less sensitive to shocks and vibrations, and they operate perfectly in cold ambient temperature and lights up instantly. These factors increase its life span.

However, despite operating at the lowest temperature as compared to incandescent bulbs and CFLs, LED bulbs do suffer from problem due to the electronics in them. So, the best way to make LED bulbs last longer is to take care of their orientation, and going in for high quality bulbs with improved quality heat sinks and electronics. If they are operated in the right environment and can get cooled easily, LED bulbs will last longer.

Usually, LED lamp manufacturers do not have any temperature data which is important for the life span of an LED bulb. Also, no standards are available to test or provide this information. The latest LED lamps run electronics hotter than their predecessors and drivers can fail quickly from de-soldering or thermal breakdown of components.

It is also important to go for Energy Star-certified LED bulbs, which indicate reliability and better performance, because LED bulbs vary enormously in quality.

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