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Looking to replace your old bulb? Go for LED corn light bulb

Looking to replace your old bulb? Go for LED corn light bulb

By BizLED Bureau

Aug 22, 2017: LED corn light has emerged as one of the most widely used bulbs for commercial, residential and industrial applications. If you are looking to replace traditional bulbs with LEDs, it is advisable to opt for corn LEDs as it has a number of benefits.

High power conversion efficiency

One of the core highlights of LED corn bulb is its high power conversion efficiency. It has a spectacular energy conversion rate of 90%, which is much higher as compared to energy conversion rate of traditional lamps. This upgrade makes the lights’ application efficacy increased several times. Thus, the energy is used to produce the appropriate light to lighting up where you need and, not wasted as heat.

High safety factor

Since, LED corn light bulb produce low heat, it offers high safety level as compared to traditional bulbs. Additionally, it works with low voltage and constant current lighting source, increasing its safety level.

Higher application efficacy

As halogen bulbs and other traditional lamps are already on the phase out list, LED corn bulb stands a good chance in replacing such outdated bulbs. It is expected that LED corn lights will soon be used in industrial and residential applications.

Looking to replace your old bulb? Go for LED corn light bulb

LED corn lights reduce electricity by 80% and also improve the light quality. A 50W LED corn light bulb can replace a 200W traditional lamp and it offer saving of around 58 USD per year.

Longer lifespan

 LED corn bulb offers more than 50,000 hours service time. This means that they last 20 times longer than traditional lamps. Further, it works perfectly with smart dimming system (ZigBee or DALI) and microwave motion sensors to attain more energy saving. LED corn light bulb lifespan also be extended by the entire smart control system.

Solid and Shatterproof

The glass shell of conventional lamps can be easily broken, and some of them are not environmentally friendly. However the LED corn light bulb, which is made up of 6063 pure aluminum and shatterproof plastic, is strong and durable.

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