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Low cost LED streetlights to light up villages in India

Low cost LED streetlights to light up villages in India

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 1, 2016: The Liter of Lights movement for ecologically sustainable and cost-free dwellings with simple roofs, is garnering much-deserved credit and appreciation alike. The movement is helping more than 25 families in a remote village of Bengaluru with lights that shall help them to step out of their homes after dark.

The Kundwara slum in the district has been selected to install streetlights which are made from waste mineral water bottles, solar panels and locally available inexpensive parts.

They organisation has been working in the space of providing light in slums for years. The idea involves a PET bottle and water mixed with bleaching powder which is placed on an asbestos roof.

When the sunlight falls on this transparent PET bottle during the day, it would reflect the light and spread it across the house. However, the method was effective during daytime only and getting out at night time remained risky. The organization is doing their work with the limited resources. However, light matters the most during the nights and they want to light up the places. Though the team has solar panels in mind to power homes but along with, the idea to light up with streetlights came.

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The streetlight consists of solar cell panels and an LED covered with a PET bottle. There are PVC pipes used as poles on which these are fit. The average cost per streetlight is Rs 5,000 and the team is planning to install plans to install at least 25 such streetlights in the vicinity.The organisation zeroed in to Kundwara slum as the place was in dire need of streetlights to create a safe environment.

Chikkaballapur slum, without any electricity, has around 25 families staying in 70 makeshift houses There are snakes and scorpios in the area which has led to four to five deaths in the area because of snake bites. Living under such conditions is always challenging and it is hard to think about life for this community after sunset. Working, studying or even children playing is not a possibility after dark. Any careless activity can have some serious consequences, said one of the founder member of the organization

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The situation was shocking and it needed immediate attention. Though solar lights were helping households’ upto an extent but with streetlights, the problem was tackled to a bigger extent.

Liter of Lights projects are being done using crowdfunding and volunteer help. The cost of this project is close to Rs 3 lacs with 20 volunteers working on the project. The work has already begun with more and more streetlights coming up.

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