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Lowest LED bulb prices ever, starts from Rs 75 only

Lowest LED bulb prices ever, starts from Rs 75 only

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 11, 2016: Following the price fall of LED bulbs in India from Rs 64.41 per unit to Rs 54.90 under Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme of the government, it is now possible to buy such bulbs in the most reasonable price range between Rs 75-95. The cost of the LEDs will vary for different states across the nation.

While for Haryana and Delhi, price is fixed at Rs 75 per bulb, customers in Rajasthan will need to pay Rs 80. The price of the LED bulbs in Maharashtra will be Rs 85, Rs 90 in Jharkand and Rs 95 in Jammu & Kashmir.

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Affordable LEDs for all

Under Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA) plan, the recent round of procurement it has obtained a substantial fall in the prices of LEDs, according to Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL). It also said that on 31st March, 2016 it has obtained a new procurement cost of Rs 54.90 without any tax included.

EESL united the costs of all the earlier procurements and the advantage of this decrease will be directly passed on to the customers all over the nation. EECL further said that the price of the LEDs has been decreased to a price range of Rs 75- 95 after the inclusion of awareness costs, state-specific taxes, distribution and administrative cost.

EESL further said that the difference in the ultimate price of the bulbs is due to the difference in taxes across different  states in the nation which is implementing the plan, has by now dispersed more than 6 crore LED lights PSUs  along with more than  9 crore bulbs under DELP to consumers across the nation.

In the initial round of procurement which had taken place in January 2014.ESSL was able to obtain a price of Rs 310. The costs for the following procurements for different states across India right from September 2014 to February 2015, ranged between Rs 104 to Rs 204. EESL through transparent procurement and aggregation has obtained a quick decline in the prices of LED bulbs.

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In the past, ESSL has united all the costs and productively passed on this cost benefit to the customers and it will carry on doing so as long as possible.

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