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LSI unveils Mirada architectural LED area lights

LSI unveils Mirada architectural LED area lights

May 25, 2016:  LSI Industries is proud to announce the latest in its new Mirada series, the LED Area Light (XALM). The Mirada Area Light’s main strength is its industry-leading, best-in-class photometry through an exclusive, patent-pending optical system.

Its performance is excellent, with 36,000+ delivered lumens via precise, state-of-the-art, molded silicone optics that resist scratches and discoloration over time (do not crack or yellow with age).

LSI unveils Mirada architectural LED area lights

The Mirada Area Light’s contemporary and sleek, low-profile design makes it perfect for architectural applications. From a cost standpoint, LSI Mirada Area Lights are competitive, since they feature high-pressure, die-cast aluminum housings. 0-10V Dimming is standard.

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10kV Surge Protection. Thermal Fold-Back Management. 7-Pin PCR Standard. Terminal block standard. Award-winning controls are also an option: 1) LSI Platinum and LSI Gold platform wireless lighting control systems; 2) Integral motion and daylight sensor with field-adjustable remote; and 3) Bi-level switching with field adjustable remote. The Mirada Area Light luminaire is available in both 120-277V Universal Voltage and 347-480V varieties, for both the U.S. and Canada. Available in Types 2, 3, FT (forward throw) and 5W distributions, with optional integral louver for unparalleled backlight cut-off. 3G Vibration rating.

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Standard LED color temperatures available include 5000K, 4000K and 3000K. Expected life is over 100,000 hours. IP65 Rated luminaire, IP66 Rated optical chamber. RoHS compliant. A matching Mirada wall pack is also available in the Mirada series (XWM). LSI Mirada series bollards are also coming soon.

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