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Luma Technologies introduces Goggle-friendly LED solutions

Luma Technologies introduces Goggle-friendly LED solutions

Mar 7, 2017: Luma Technologies announces the addition of the Bell 206, 206L, 214ST , and 412 platforms to their list of certified LED Caution Warning panels for retrofit and fleet modernization programs.

Luma’s initial STCs will cover installation of their LT-4000 Series LED Caution Warning panels as a drop-in replacement to the incandescent OEM versions that have been standard on these venerable Bell workhorses since first entering commercial service in the mid-sixties and seventies.

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“This is a big deal” says Bruce Maxwell, Luma’s President “as it marks our return and first major offerings to the rotary market since our early days on FX AS350/355 performance kits. We made a name for ourselves in the fixed-wing marketplace with our drop in, plug & play LED replacement panels for King Air, Beechjet, and other platforms. We give them immediate relief from costly repairs and a dwindling reserve of spare parts. Nothing wrong with brand new LED displays and a five year warranty to go with; there’s a lot of happy campers out there.”

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“What’s even better is these new panels come to market incorporating our new “Goggle Ready” design philosophy delivering FAA approved Sunlight Readable Aviation Colors that do not adversely affect Night Vision Goggle performance” Maxwell says.

“It’s a big deal because it allows an operator an affordable certification path should they choose to configure the aircraft for dual role capability or future NVIS operations down the road. He’s quick to point out Luma is not in the NVIS Modification/certification business. One still needs to work with their qualified/preferred integration provider if an NVIS certification is involved but the process is much more streamlined than in the past. ”

“For some it’s as simple as getting their provider to amend their existing STC package to get the new panel added to the MDL; or for new projects we’re part of the installation from the get go. There’s no need for expensive panel mods with a mish-mash of reworked cap assemblies, filters, lamps and lenses all cobbled together. You’ll be getting Goggle Ready, FAA approved sunlight readable aviation colors straight out of the box, including a five year warranty to boot!”Maxwell adds.

Pilots have long suffered with burned out lamps and sun-bleached hard to read legends since day one. Luma solves all that with laser crisp, easy to read LED annunciation all in a single NVIS friendly plug and play solution. The STCs will be broken down into Part 27 and Part 29 categories and will likely transition to AML status as more platforms are added going forward.

Luma will be showcasing the Bell 206/206L and 214/412 panels along with other products at this year’s HeliExpo and AEA Industry exhibitions next month. Both shows will include a drawing for a free panel and licensing agreement to be given away at each show.

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