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Lumenpulse launches Lumenalpha range of architectural LED lights

Lumenpulse launches “Lumenalpha” range of architectural LED lights

Sep 27, 2016: Lumenpulse  a leading pure-play specification-grade LED lighting solutions provider, has launched Lumenalpha, an exceptional range of architectural downlights and spotlights, which sets new standards in performance, light quality, flexibility and lifetime.

Available worldwide, the collection boasts over 30 new luminaires and thousands of options, forming an unmatched global program for commercial, retail, institutional and hospitality markets.

Unimaginable designs

“We want to give specifiers the freedom to create designs that would be unimaginable with other downlights,” says François-Xavier Souvay, President and CEO of Lumenpulse. “To do that, we had to completely rethink our optical design.”

With an emphasis on visual quality, Lumenalpha optics ensure smooth, even beam distributions with exceptional optical control. A 10-degree narrow optic produces a beautiful, high-intensity beam with minimal spill, ideal for dramatic accentuation or high-ceiling applications.

For vertical illumination, Lumenalpha now offers a unique asymmetric wallwash optic, studied to produce outstanding uniformity while spaced far apart in order to require the fewest number of luminaires.

Meanwhile, a newly developed LED chip manufactured to Lumenpulse’s own specification and a proprietary thermal management system result in an unprecedented LED lifetime of 225,000 hours (L70 at Ta 40° C) and no visible color shift over 5 years.

“Lumenpulse has rewritten the script when it comes to color stability and LED lifetime,” adds Souvay. “With an L95 of 55,000 hours, clients will have peace of mind knowing their projects will maintain at least 95% of initial light levels after five years.”

In a first for Lumenpulse, Lumenalpha products are being manufactured on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously – a testament to the company’s commitment to provide a consistently high service quality to specifiers all over the world.

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All Lumenalpha fixtures can be equipped with Lumentalk technology as standard so they can be easily controlled via existing power lines. Lumentalk is a breakthrough technology that enables advanced digital control of LED lighting over existing track and electrical wiring maximizing cost and energy savings.

With Lumentalk, electrical wiring becomes a stable, noise-free, high-speed communications link, enabling LED fixtures to be dimmed or programmed without the cost and disruption of additional wiring. The technology is protocol independent, making it compatible with common dimmer and control standards: 0-10V, DMX, or phase dimming.

Source: Lumenpulse

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