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Lumileds infrared emitters power most compact IR imaging designs

Lumileds infrared emitters power most compact IR imaging designs

Aug 9, 2017: Combining high radiant intensity with industry leading thermal performance, the LUXEON IR Family enables the smallest illuminators for surveillance cameras, iris scanners and facial recognition systems.

Lumileds, the global lighting solutions leader, today introduced a family of high power infrared (IR) emitters designed to address the vast array of rapidly growing IR applications. These uses range from facial recognition/iris and gesture scanning to wearable health monitors, machine vision, night vision cameras and other industrial/biotech applications. The LUXEON IR Family combines high radiant intensity imaging with the industry’s lowest thermal resistance, resulting in optimal solutions for compact system designs.

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All emitters are available in wavelengths above the visible spectrum at 850 and 940 nm, each of which has advantages depending on the use. The 850 nm emitter is the workhorse for most cameras (including CCTV) because of its high system efficiency. However, a known drawback for all 850 nm emitters in the industry is its susceptibility to interference from sunlight and its reddish glow. To address these issues, the Lumileds IR Family also includes a 940 nm wavelength emitter, which is almost invisible and is less sensitive to sunlight interference, making this wavelength ideal for use with ambient light and “stealth mode” systems.

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The LUXEON IR Family is built on two platforms: the LUXEON IR Compact Line, which enables IR transmission with very high radiant power density up to 1,150 mW at 940 nm; and the LUXEON IR Domed Line, which uses various beam angles and achieves radiant power up to 1,400 mW at 940 nm for high punch, long range applications. “The LUXEON IR Compact Line addresses markets that require high power density in a small footprint,” said Thierry De Smet, Director of Product Management at Lumileds. The LUXEON IR Compact Line is 1.37 x 1.90 mm and delivers 400 mW/mm2, outperforming all competing products.

The LUXEON IR Domed Line is also offered at 850 nm and 940 nm, but in beam angles of 60°, 90° and 150° in an industry standard 3.7 mm x 3.7 mm package. This design enables drop-in upgrades in applications that require high punch, long range and high uniformity including positioning and depth measurement, biometric identification and industrial automation. Delivering the industry’s lowest thermal resistance (2.5 K/W), the package efficiently transfers heat away from the emitter for greater system reliability and performance. The LUXEON IR Dome line is compatible with an ecosystem of off-the-shelf lenses to ease system design.

The LUXEON IR Family is rated as Risk Free for eye safety according to the IEC Photobiological Test (IEC/EN 62471 standard). Initial L70 reliability testing of the LUXEON IR Family indicated lumen maintenance of over 30,000 hours.

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