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Luminis unveils Oculus exterior recessed downlight luminaires

Luminis unveils Oculus exterior recessed downlight luminaires

Dec 12, 2017: Luminis, an established innovator and manufacturer of specification grade lighting solutions today announced the release of its Oculus LED lighting product family. Oculus is a recessed downlight designed for outdoor, under canopy applications where resistance to weather, light output and directional aiming are important. It is the first product of its kind to combine all three features.

Oculus is suitable for harsh outdoor weather conditions and is IP66 rated. It has a fully adjustable light module providing 360° rotation and 30° tilt angle for precise aiming of light.

It has a screw-less, low profile trim providing a clean, seamless architectural appearance. The trim is available in a range of finishes to suit any aesthetic. Oculus is available in two aperture diameters, 6” and 8”.

Installation and maintenance is facilitated with multi-tab ceiling anchor points and a gasketed service door for easy driver access.

Oculus has a standard 4000K color temperature, with 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 5000K options. It has a CRI of 80 and delivers up to 6000 lumens depending upon the model and options selected. It has three reflector optics options; narrow, wide and flood. It is fully dimmable, boasts a lifetime in excess of 130,000 hours and comes with a standard 5-year warranty.

Feature summary

360° rotation for precise directional aiming of light
IP66 rated for performance in extreme weather conditions
Up to 6000 delivered lumens
Unique integral tilting mechanism which allows forward-back adjustability
Standard 4000K color temperature
2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 5000K color temperature options
80 CRI
Standard reflector optic: 20° (OC750), 29° (OC950)
3 optional reflector optics; narrow, flood, and wide
Available in 6” and 8” aperture diameter to fit various applications
Optional linear spread lens for asymmetric distribution
Optional regressed light module
Lifetime beyond 130,000 hours
Standard 0-10V dimmable
Trim available in various colors
Standard 5-year warranty
“We are excited to release Oculus,” said Nicolas Cohen, Luminis’ president. “What makes it unique is the combination of weather resistance, high light output and precise directionality. We feel that those three features make this the product of choice for outdoor canopy lighting.”

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