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Lumir C, a candle powered LED lamp!

Lumir C, a candle powered LED lamp!

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 29, 2016: We are blessed to live in an environment where electricity is not scarce. More often than not, darkness or dimly lit areas are an option which we choose to create in sync with the requirement or ambience.

Lumir C, a candle powered LED lamp!

We live in a lighting system enabled world but there are parts of the world that are off the grid. These areas rely only on light of nature and once the day sets in, their lives breathe.

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Taking initiative in this respect, Lumir C is a breakthrough technology meant to work without batteries or in any form of external electrical source. Mostly used in camp settings or where there is no other light source, it serves as an effort to conserve energy.

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The device derives its LED light through harvesting the heat from a heated source or a burning candle. This signifies that a good portion of the energy goes right into the invisible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, being released as heat-carrying infrared radiation. The Lumir C harvests this wasted energy and uses it to ?power? its LED light. It gives a light output of 15 lumens via four 0.2W LEDs which is as much as candle itself.

The Lumir C is available with a price tag of $59 and shall be shipped by July. The device present lighting possibilities and reaches anywhere, where darkness prevails.

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