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Lynk reaches deal with Acuity, Schneider on LED-centric patent suit

Lynk reaches deal with Acuity, Schneider on LED-centric patent suit

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 9, 2017: Lynk Labs has reached a deal with Acuity Brands and Schneider Electric regarding AC-LED-centric patent lawsuit that Lynk had filed in 2015 against Juno Lighting.

Although the terms of the settlement has been kept confidential, Lynk said that it has been compensated for past damages and for using its intellectual property (IP) by Acuity. Lynk said that Acuity has received licenses to a portion of the Lynk Labs solid-state lighting (SSL) patent portfolio.

Schneider was the primary owner of Juno Lighting in 2015, when the lawsuit was filed. Later Schneider was added to the suit. When Acuity acquired Juno, Lynk added Acuity also to the suit. The suit talks about actions that had taken place way back in 2008.

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Lynk Labs had entered into a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with Juno Lighting because the latter used Lynk’s AC-LED technology in its lighting products. Lynk had manufactured an LED module which Juno Lighting used in the first and second generations of Trac 12 lighting system. Lynk supplied around 300,000 modules to Juno Lighting.

According to details of the filing, Juno Lighting had asked for exclusive rights to use the technology which Lynk declined to offer in a license. The court documents also stated that Juno Lighting discontinued its purchases from Lynk and violated the terms of the deal by taking the module design to other OEMs for manufacturing.

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Lynk Labs feels that the settlement reached with Acuity Brands and Schneider Electric is a significant achievement as it validates the value and contribution made by Lynk and its intellectual property in the LED industry.

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