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Maharashtra govt saves Rs 14 mn from LED bulb distribution under DELP

Maharashtra govt saves Rs 14 mn from LED bulb distribution under DELP

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 10, 2016: In last seven months, Maharashtra state government saved nearly Rs 14 million after distributing more than 10 million LED bulbs across the state. The news was confirmed by a senior official from the state electricity department.

The publicly held Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL) was responsible for distribution of these LED bulbs under its Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP), which led to daily energy saving of close to an estimated 3.50 million kWh. The peak load was reduced by 298 MW, slashing consumer bills and contributed to greenhouse gas emission reductions by almost 2,900 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Consumers in the state have realized the urgency for energy efficiency and incorporating it into their lifestyle. Reaching the 10 million mark is an indication of the fact that people are appreciating and acknowledging our efforts, said Managing Director of the EESL.

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On an average, consumers save between Rs.160-400 per annum on each LED bulb. These bulbs are provided at a discount rate of 75 percent with a life expectancy of 25,000 hours. The cost of the LED bulb will be recovered in less than a year.

The responsible body is planning to lessen the prices of seven-watt LED bulbs in retail. These bulbs are currently priced at Rs.25-300 and efforts are being made to ensure a sustainable market for a safe, energy efficient, and non-hazardous product. EESL provides free replacement, including technical replacements, for a period of three years.

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With power savings of more than 24 million kWh daily, the EESL has distributed over 70 million LED bulbs under the DELP across the nation. The body plans to replace 770 million traditional bulbs across India by 2019. India has a lot of potential with energy efficiency market being estimated at US$ 12 billion.

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