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Make hotels green with LED lighting

Make hotels green with LED lighting
By BizLED Bureau

September 28, 2015: Like many other sectors, LED lighting is becoming popular in the hotel industry as well. They are gradually replacing conventional lighting systems like CFL and halogen.

Going with the ?green? trend

The hotel industry has realised that LED lighting plays an important role in elating the mood of the guests. It creates a warm ambience and facilitates right kind of socialising or business meetings. Moreover, going by the ?green? trend, the hotel industry is not far behind, and wants its buildings and infrastructure to be certified as environment friendly. So, the hotel industry is going in for certificates like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). And going for energy efficient LED is a step forward in this direction.

Most five star hotels have shifted to LED lighting which has drastically changed the lighting landscape of the hotels, besides reducing operating costs and energy costs. Moreover, the smart sensor driven LED lights further saves energy because these lights switch on only when they sense motion of a person. Hence, lights in the utility areas and washrooms, in passages, etc will only be on when people will present in those areas.

The LED lights suitable for hotels

A study revealed LED lighting application has improved dramatically in hotels over the last three years. However, the high initial cost of LED lighting is still a major hurdle in shifting to LED lighting in hotels. The study also highlighted that when calculating costs of an LED project, the hotel should take into account the engineering cost, equipment cost and electronic accessory costs as well.

The study pointed out that LED recessed, LED downlight and track light and LED A-lamps applications have increased the most in hotels. LED AR111 category and LED linear lamps are also much in use.

For the lobby, one can use LED candle bulbs on the wall sconces, in the ceiling, chandeliers, decorative fixtures, etc. These flame shaped bulbs will make the lobby warmly lit.

LED bulbs like PAR 30, R40, PAR38 are perfect for hotels lobby and hallways. These LED hardly require any maintenance and their lifespan is very long.

A19 LED bulbs are also suitable for floor and table lamps in hotel rooms, washrooms and changing areas, on wall fixtures. There is a wide range of wattages and colours in these bulbs. They also come in dimmable versions, allowing the guests to control the ambiance of the room.

LED strip lights are also a good option for bar areas, under cabinet in the washroom or in the hotel lawn.

LED marquee bulbs are also used to light up signs. LED bug lights for outdoor areas are must. These lights give out soft yellow glow that keep bugs and insects away.

The outdoor spaces of the hotels need LED flood lights to highlight the landscape and also to give a sense of security to the guests.

With so many options available in the market, one will not find any problem in choosing the right kind of LED lights for hotels. However, one has to be aware of the right kinds suitable for the right applications.

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  1. Hotels need to consider that bright lights make it difficult to sleep.Light seeps under doors and around curtains.The role of lighting in security is way overblown.Hotels need to be aware of this and not get into lighting arms wars with other hotels. This is a case where less is more. Hotels need to get into lights that come on on demand and use softer reddish or yellow lights not harsh blue ones.

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