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Make your facility efficienct and sophisticated with LED lighting

Make your facility efficienct and sophisticated with LED lighting

By BizLED Bureau

Aug 21, 2017: LED lighting has fast emerged as the energy efficient source of lighting for industrial facilities, which is also preferred for its due to energy efficiency and long lifespan.

Industrial facilities around the world are, therefore, shifting to LED lighting from their their traditional lights, as LED lighting is suitable for all applications like hazardous locations.This has helped them in saving good amount of money every year.

However, the main benefit of LED lighting is its potential for smart and future innovations. Unlike high-intensity discharge (HID) technology, LED is developing rapidly, and constantly enhancing lifespan, performance and lumen output. Here are some convincing points for those who have still not switched over to LED lighting.

Standard manintain quality

The existing LM-80 standards illustrate the lifespan of LEDs. However, there is lot more to an LED fixture rather than just the LEDs. If the control circuits, power supply, finish and paint don’t have the same life as the LEDs, then the LED fixture will fail.

New standards are being formed to preserve the quality of all the components of an LED fixture.These specifications will result in easy comparison between different LED products. Hence, factory managers will be spending less time to looking for right product among the various products available in the market.

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Fixtures are compact and small

 Many people think that LED lighting fixtures are a little bulkier than the traditional fixtures, but the LEDs and optics in the fixtures are very compact, making the LED fixture lighter and small. However, the LEDs need to with the heat sinks and other componentsto complete the fixture. Luckily, innovations are happening in electronics and mechanical designs, thermal management and optics. With all these innovations, LED fixtures will also become more compact, smaller and lighter. This will pave the way for easy LED installation and more adoptions.

With sensors,LED lighting becomes smarter

Since LEDs have instant-on capability,they are considered to be perfect for lighting control applications like dimmer switches and occupancy sensors, which adjust the light mechanically as per the requirements, saving energy.The daylight harvesting sensors help LED lighting to adjust the light and color automatically as per the outdoor daylight, and uses only that much of energy that is needed to maintain the necessary lumen levels.

The capability to incorporate these controls into present industrial automation solutions hints that factory managers can regulate and optimize lighting performancewithin a single dashboard. This will help to save time and also, provide a convenient and easier user interface.

LED lighting can be a critical central link

Today’s advanced LED lighting contain monitoring software to help factory managers to monitor the fixture’s behavior, lifespan,and maintenance requirements.As the managers can monitor the fixtures from a central point, it saves time, and also eliminates sudden breakdown of the lighting system. Managers can also take preventive measures related to maintenance, which, otherwise could have caused production losses.

LED lighting along with occupancy monitoring sensors can be utilized to check traffic patterns within the factory to spot and assist in resolving blockages.There are environmental sensors as well which monitor the temperature, humidity and other atmospheric conditions that lead to accidents in the facilities. These features of LED lighting are really beneficial for facilities where any lighting problem can lead to huge losses.

LED lighting can become a communication network

LED lighting can also become a critical communication network inside a factory.With smart and wireless communication nodes offered with LED lights, LED lighting system can create a communication network throughout the facility. Devices such as high-definition cameras can be connected with LEDs to enhance factory visibility and safety.LED lighting network could be used to get data from production equipment, which can be stored in the automation systems.

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